Planning the Perfect Free-From Christmas Party

If you have ever planned a party then you KNOW how hard it can be to get everyone to agree and with awareness of dietary requirements on the rise we have curated a menu of our best free-from recipes! Every recipe is gluten-free and vegetarian, and can be made dairy-free and vegan with cheese swaps. Simply delicious and so varied that we hope no one will be left out! You can thank us later…
Almost all of these recipes can be prepared earlier in the day/ week and kept in the refrigerator/ freezer until you are ready to reheat or serve.

Finger food

Spicy Chilli Hummus is the perfect starter: light, tasty, and free from all the 14 major allergens. Plus it is easy to make in advance and serves cold so it won’t get in the way during the stampede of guests to the buffet.

Serve with our Buckwheat Bread to make the perfect warming start to your meal and to impress with the unique recipe.

Garlic and Chili Kale Crisps are also easy to make but impressive to serve. Crunchy and with a kick of chilli, your guests will keep coming back for more.

Finally these Courgette & Mozzarella Melts make adorable snacks and by swapping the mozzarella for a vegan alternative you can ensure everyone enjoys these little bundles of joy! Prep the day before and just pop in the over before serving.

Top Tip! Always label each recipe with the ingredients used and provide clean serving spoons for every dish to make sure your guests are confident in the food you serve.


For mains, grab a couple of big serving spoons and let them get cracking.

Delicious and spicy Firey Vegan Rice is definitely a crowd-pleasing solution when you are short of time or serving vegetarians or vegans.

Beetroot and Feta Rice Salad is another delicious dish which can be prepared in advance and served cold on the day.

Aubergine and Courgette Curry is another delicious dish perfect to please crowds. Not too hot but perfectly flavourful, this veggie curry is delicious.

A great winter warmer Veggie Protein Hotpot and Paprika Parsnip Chips are the perfect addition to any festive feast.

This recipe for Courgetti noodles with Pesto is delicious : an alternative to pasta that is easy to make and perfect hot or cold!

Sweet Treats

Serve up a some traditional Cheesecake Bites but with a free from twist. Using cashews and coconut cream this recipe is a delicious dairy-free alternative.

Chocolate Strawberries are a simple classic everyone loves. Easy to prep and be sure to make extra!

Whip up some Cashew Coco Protein Balls in advance as the perfect dessert for your guests. Coated in coconut flakes and easy finger food, everyone will love these bitesize treats.


Serve in punch bowls or on tap so guests can help themselves to the homemade  cocktail of their choice. 

Pimm’s Prosecco Slushies for those who want to add some fizz to the occasion or Strawberry Lemonade for a mocktail to impress.

Do you have any tips for hosting a free-from party? Leave them in the comments down below!

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