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Travelling can be stressful for food-hypersensitive consumers. 

With over 2 million people, in the UK alone, suffering from food allergies and intolerances and an increasing amount of food safety legislation, airlines must cater effectively to those with specific dietary requirements. 

A recent study found that 36% of air travel passengers with allergies believe airlines fail to meet their accommodations.

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LiberEat cutting-edge allergen detection technology act as an essential second line of defence in safeguarding against allergen errors in food data.

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For Food Safety and Quality Assurance teams in the travel industry.

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LiberEat's Technology Solution

Our technology automatically identifies errors in data – including missing allergen declarations or allergen errors in menus, supplier documentation, and data processing platforms. 

Finding and alerting Food Safety Teams to these errors before they reach a passenger can mitigate the risk of consumer injury and the potential legal, financial, and reputation damage to the airline.

We understand that airlines have unique challenges when upholding food safety standards. 

Legislation from the aircrafts registered country is enforced, and depending on the country, as is the case with the United States and Japan, they may have to follow local laws while in their airspace or on their land. Most countries have regulatory bodies such as the Federal Aviation Administration and the Civil Aviation Authority to enforce relevant legislation and administer penalties for failing to do so. 

LiberEat’s allergen detection technology specialises in identifying and rectifying mistakes in supplier, product and allergen data, guaranteeing that all allergen information is accurate and compliant.

Why Use LiberEat Technology?

What sets LiberEat apart is our commitment to innovation and accuracy.

Years of Research

A unique relationship with industry experts

Innovative data quality assurance processes

Through our research, innovation and unique industry relationship, our technology manages to significantly outperform current allergen detection methods. With manual data-checking methods being common across the industry, human error is unavoidable. It can occur at any point across the supply chain, with potentially devastating consequences if gone unnoticed. 

LiberEat aims to provide peace of mind with our Allergen Error Detection Technology integrating with existing data-checking methods to act as a second line of defence. We offer 24/7 real-time data processing, catching any errors from catching any errors from allergen data, product data, or food suppliers before it’s too late.

By ensuing all product data is accurate, airlines can improve their operational efficiencies by minimising waste and improving customer satisfaction.

Empowering the Travel Industry

Just by adopting LiberEat technology, your businesses can:

Food-hypersensitive consumers want to travel with airlines with high allergen management standards. 

By adopting our Allergen Error Detection Technology, you can assure travellers that their safety is your utmost priority. Catering towards this often overlooked group effectively enhances brand loyalty, giving your airline an advantage over competitors: 

73.7% of passengers who believed their chosen airline managed to accommodate their food allergy needs were likely to travel with them again.

Ensure the safety of your customers and protect your business with allergen error-detection technology, a cutting-edge innovation in food safety that finds errors in all your data.

Integration and Ease of Use

LiberEat technology seamlessly integrates with your existing food safety procedures to act as a second line of defence, catching any errors before reaching passengers. 

We understand that businesses may be concerned about how adopting new allergen detection methods will affect their workflow. 

Integration is made as easy as possible with our technology seamlessly working alongside existing food safety procedures, catching any errors that may be initially missed. 

LiberEat also offers onboarding support to demonstrate just how easy it is to use our technology – there’s no need for extensive training as ours only takes a few minutes, allowing your team to work efficiently without interruptions. 

Food-Hypersensitive Consumers and Dietary Choices

Food allergies and hypersensitivities are a growing concern globally, emphasising the necessity for vigilant allergen avoidance. Veganism and vegetarianism are also rising. Robust allergen management and correct dietary declarations are critical in the food industry and your business.

There’s an estimated 85 million individuals affected by food allergies and intolerances, including 33 million with food allergies. This equates to approximately two children with a food allergy in every classroom. [Food Allergy Org]

Globally, the International Food Safety Authorities Network (INFOSAN) reported 248 food safety incidents in 2021, which nearly doubled from the previous year. Of these, 18 incidents involved undeclared allergens or ingredients, highlighting the ongoing issue with allergen management in food safety incidents.

Food served on airlines often involves multiple suppliers and rigorous handling processes, increasing the potential for mislabeling or cross-contamination. The complexity of food production and labelling for airlines adds to the risk. It’s for this reason that finding allergen errors in the data before they reach a passenger is essential.

Patients frequently requested specific accommodations from the airline before boarding, such as an opportunity to preboard, announcements pertaining to food allergy on board, alternative snacks, buffer zones and other modifications. Primarily, these accommodations involved peanuts and tree nuts. According to a study by the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma & Immunology.

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As proud Anaphylaxis UK Business Members, LiberEat supports the mission for a brighter future for people with serious allergies. We provide food businesses with advanced allergen error detection technology, ensuring the highest standards of safety by automatically identifying and alerting food safety teams to errors before they reach consumers. It’s our mission to make food safer for everyone.