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LiberEat works with supermarkets and retailers to make food safe and easy for everyone

There is a huge opportunity for Supermarkets and Retailers to work more closely with LiberEat to enhance the support of people with dietary requirements.

In 50% of UK households, someone is avoiding certain foods or ingredients. We can do more to support this rapidly growing consumer group.

There is a rapidly growing consumer group with rising expectations of supermarkets and retailers - including 'free from' and plant-based options.

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Life with dietary requirements is tricky

Consumers with dietary requirements are faced with daily challenges:


  • Finding suitable food and drink options in stores/online

  • Navigating labels and the names of ingredients on packaging 

  • Finding suitable food replacements that fit with their dietary requirements

LiberEat has developed technology and data analytics to help supermarkets to:

Better serve this rapidly grouping consumer group and attract more people with dietary requirements their stores

Protect their customers with allergen safety technology and help their customers understand the options available

Support the growing number of consumers avoiding meat and animal products

Help customers avoiding food allergens like gluten, dairy, and nuts

The LiberEat Mission

‘Making food easy and safe for everyone’

LiberEat is a technology business with a mission for good. 

LiberEat develops innovative technology solutions, data platforms and applications that help people who live with or work with dietary requirements.  

LiberEat technology and our app already help thousands of people who have, or work with, dietary requirements.


How LiberEat technology works

Our technology significantly outperforms current methods of ensuring accurate allergen data in menus, food labels, and food supplier data.

We materially reduce the risks of causing injury to consumers for major brands by capturing errors that their existing processes may miss.

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Co-Founder, Barry Leaper:

“At the core of our business is the passion to help people lead healthier lives – making food easy and safe for everyone.

The potential of the technology we have created is phenomenal. We know it can improve the lives of millions of people with dietary requirements and we know that we can help the food industry improve the offering to consumers – while significantly enhancing allergen safety and reducing risk.

The technology we have developed is complex, difficult to replicate and extremely accurate. It needs to be. People’s food safety depends on it.

Join us on our mission”

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