Working with Restaurants

LiberEat works with restaurant chains to make food safe and easy for everyone with technology that functions as an allergen safety blanket

In 50% of UK households, someone is avoiding certain foods or ingredients


71% of those UK households say they rarely try new restaurants because someone is avoiding ingredients

This includes those living a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle, those dealing with food allergens and intolerances and those making healthy dietary choices.

You can attract more customers living with dietary requirements to your restaurants with LiberEat’s technology.

At LiberEat, we know the challenges restaurant chains face when supporting consumers with dietary requirements

Consumers find it extremely difficult to discover restaurant offerings suitable for them and their dietary requirements

When consumers avoid certain ingredients, fragmented and static menus significantly reduce their willingness to try new brands

Consumers spend a great deal of time studying menus and balancing up their options

Consumers with dietary requirements tend to dictate where the group (family or friends) will eat out


of UK households contain someone who avoids an ingredient


of these households say they rarely try new restaurants for this reason


of people with allergies report a reaction when eating out


reported that staff in restaurants stated incorrect information

We work with senior marketing and senior quality assurance or food safety managers, at restaurant chains, to help them:

Grow and protect their customer base with this allergen safety blanket

Help consumers avoid food allergens like gluten, dairy, and nuts

Protect those consumers who eat in their restaurants from the ingredients they avoid

Support people avoiding meat and animal products

LiberEat works with restaurants to make food safe and easy for everyone.
How do we support restaurants and consumers?

We ensure that customers see menus and nutritional information tailored to their needs and the ingredients they can enjoy (not the ones they avoid) – we personalise restaurant menus to the customer’s needs

We make it easy for consumers to find your restaurant when nearby, see information about your restaurant, and view the dishes that all of the group (family or friends) can eat on the menu

We capture rich (yet anonymous) data about consumers with dietary requirements to continuously improve the experience for everyone

We provide a second line of defence with our allergen safety blanket technology

We make the booking and ordering of food simple and quick for the consumers; ensuring a better user experience from the restaurant

Help their customers understand the options available


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