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Build profiles based on the 14 major food allergens and other ingredients you may want to avoid.

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Filter restaurant menus before you arrive to see what you can have.


Scan product barcodes for instant answers on product suitability.


Browse our user and blogger generated recipe bank for new ideas, just for you.

What Our Users Say

My daughter doesn’t have to be calling me asking ”We’re going here, what can I have?” It gives her independence and it gives me peace of mind
LiberEat makes looking for vegan products so much easier!
It’s definitely a must have for people that are avoiding ingredients.
I was able to put in that I’m Vegan and that I can’t eat wheat, so really helps now with my shopping and eating out, plus there are great recipes on it too

Why We're Different

A One-Stop Resource

we are the only app to offer product scanning, product filtering, menu filtering, and a recipe bank all in one place.

Multiple Profiles

allowing multiple profiles helps you to see exactly who can eat every product, dish, and recipe on our app.

A Focus on Safety and Reliability

we ensure our data comes from reliable sources and we never screen scrape,
we only work with partner restaurants who give us the information directly.

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