LiberEat Technology
reduces allergen risks
for food businesses

Protect the consumers you serve with dietary requirements. Minimise risk, and bolster your current allergen data processes, with the second line of defence in allergen safety 

Our unique software brings peace of mind to food business quality assurance teams.

Years of research with academics, our strong relationship with industry experts, and innovative data quality assurance processes have gone into LiberEat’s unique technology. 

How LiberEat Technology works for food businesses:

Seamlessly integrates with your current systems and processes

LiberEat Technology operates as a second line of defence on top of your current food quality assurance and safety procedures and connects easily with the systems you already use.

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Identify and catch mistakes before it's too late

We help food producers and other food companies lower the risks of recalls and injury to consumers from allergen and ingredient data errors, and more.

Protects consumers from allergens, and shields your business, from reputational risk

We significantly outperform current industry methods and automatically detect, catch and alert your quality assurance team to errors.

Quick to set up and simple to use

Minimal training and onboarding for your team with an intuitive platform.
We'll collaborate with your team and integrate with existing systems.

We help business leaders, working in quality assurance and food safety, to significantly reduce risks of injury to consumers

Our allergen detection software is unique, reliable, and trustworthy.

Using LiberEat Technology, you’ll detect issues in food labelling, food packaging, supplier data, ingredient lists, and food supply chain data before they reach the consumer. 

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What’s changing for food businesses?

In 2022, 2 million people in the UK are suffering from food allergies (not including those with food intolerances). Source

LiberEat can detect the 14 major food allergens, errors in allergen declarations, and more. 

The Vegan Society’s 2019 research showed there were 600,000 vegans in the UK, and this continues to grow rapidly year on year. Source

LiberEat can detect incorrectly-labelled vegan and vegetarian products and the presence of animal-derived ingredients.  

Just by adopting LiberEat Technology, food businesses can

  • Become trailblazers in allergen detection

  • Protect their consumers

  • Enhance their peace of mind 


Make food easy and safe with LiberEat software.

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