The LiberEat Story

Est. 2016

At LiberEat, we are on a mission to make food safe for everyone

Founder and CEO, Barry Leaper I launched this trailblazing UK health-tech business in October 2016.

With his wife and mother’s dietary requirements, he fully understands the worry and inconvenience caused when shopping and and dining out when you live with food restrictions – checking food labels and menus, and hoping for the best, but fearing the worst.

Barry saw technology as the solution to these challenges.

LiberEat was born – the future of food safety. 

reading a menu

The serious problem

  • 50% of UK households have at least one person that avoids certain ingredients. 
  • 33% of those with food allergies suffer reactions when eating out – this doesn’t include those with intolerances, or the likes of vegans avoiding animal products.
  • According to the FSA, there are 100+ allergen product recalls each year. 
  • Yet, the UK and US food industries spend £billions on allergen management each year.
  • Ingredients such as gluten, animal products, and palm oil are troublesome for many consumers and dealing with dietary requirements is more critical than ever.
Allergens and errors are missed by food businesses, and LiberEat technology is here to help. We are here to bring monumental, impactful change. 

Technology for good

LiberEat is a technology business that provides a safety blanket for food service businesses, this is a revolution in allergen and error detection.

We support food manufacturers, big supermarkets brands, restaurant chains, and catering companies to reduce errors and protect consumers who avoid ingredients for a variety of health, lifestyle, and allergy reasons.

LiberEat has developed a unique technology that outperforms the current processes used across the food sector to ensure the accuracy of food labels and menus. The technology can significantly reduce the risk of injuries to customers, and costly product recalls by acting as an allergen safety blanket for food production, food service and retail food businesses, catching any errors in allergen or ingredient information before they reach the consumer.

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We help businesses detect allergens and errors in their data before they get to a menu or food label, or worse - in the hands of a consumer with allergies

LiberEat’s Philosophy

We believe deeply in all of our core values, and they are part of everything we do

Allergen Safety


Technology for Good


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