Food Safety Compliance

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Food Safety and Compliance Standards

Working in the food industry means consistently staying up-to-date with current and emerging legislation and regulations.

We know that following food safety compliance practices is essential for you to ensure consumer safety and reduce legal and reputational costs resulting from misinformation.

Food Safety and LiberEat Technology

At LiberEat, our food safety technology works alongside food businesses’ current systems to catch errors in allergen and ingredient labelling. 

Therefore, you can have peace of mind knowing you are accurately displaying allergen data in accordance with all food safety compliance standards, as well as protecting consumers from the common allergens they avoid. 

We also highlight where food products and dishes are vegan or vegetarian to ensure accurate labelings for those groups.

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Allergen Law and Food Safety

Food businesses need to follow allergen legislation related to their business such as: Food Law, FSA guidelines, and Natasha’s Law. This includes ensuring the 14 major allergens are clearly labelled on all pre-packaged and non-prepackaged food and drink.

Not following allergen and food safety practices can lead to:

  • Consumer Injuries and Anaphylaxis Near Misses 
  • In the worst case scenarios, consumer fatalities followed by appearances at the Coroners Court
  • Legal Action
  • Reputational Damage
  • Increased attention and External Audits
  • Food Business Closures
  • Losing Staff Morale

Who LiberEat Supports

How LiberEat Technology Supports Food Businesses


Our Allergen Error Detection Technology detects allergen and ingredient labelling errors in food data and guarantees the 14 main allergens are identified and highlighted.

LiberEat works alongside food & beverage business Food Safety and Quality Assurance teams and their existing food safety systems. Our food safety software collects allergen data, detects errors and alerts your team. The technology is intuitive and can be learned in a matter of minutes. 

Acting as a second layer of defence minimises the risk of human error, and implementing our technology ensures allergen information is accurate and up-to-date.  Consumers with allergens, food hypersensitive, lifestyle, and dietary requirements will be better protected with our ground-breaking allergen detection technology. 

LiberEat’s mission is to “Make Food Safer for Everyone”. By working together we can protect consumers against allergen labelling and sign-posting errors and misinformation before food reaches them, minimise risk of legal and reputational damage, and decrease the burden of  keeping up with food safety compliance practices.