Reducing the Cost of Allergen Errors

LiberEat Allergen Error Detection Technology
Your Defence Against Costly Errors

In the intricate world of food safety management, the cost of getting it wrong significantly impacts your balance sheet. 

Allergen errors encompass recalls, customer injuries, withdrawals, de-listing, fatalities, lost customers, and the ominous legal and insurance implications that stem from missed or incorrect allergen data.

Making Food Safer for Everyone

LiberEat allergen detection

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Libereat food safety technology making food safer for everyone

The Toll of Allergen Errors

Ensuring you have effective allergen safety processes is an indispensable aspect of every food business’s operations. While complying with food safety regulations is crucial to avert legal repercussions, it’s equally imperative to consider the extensive human and financial toll of incorrect allergen information. Errors in product data can unleash catastrophic consequences.

Safeguarding Consumers and Mitigating Costs

The threat of allergen errors looms ominously over your food businesses. 

Incorrect food labels on products or flawed allergen declarations on restaurant menus, for instance, can severely harm food-hypersensitive (FHS) consumers, even leading to fatalities in extreme cases and ‘near misses’ from anaphylactic shocks. Regaining the trust of consumers after such an incident is an uphill battle.

Minimising the Costs of Mistakes

A New Frontier in Food Safety

Causing an injury to consumers is a nightmare scenario for your business. Regrettably, many food brands are at risk of this. 

Errors can easily slip through the cracks in supplier data, menus, and food labels, with manual quality assurance often proving ineffective. Human error is an ever-present risk in a landscape riddled with complex data.

By adopting LiberEat’s Allergen Error Detection Technology you can have a robust second line of defence, bolstering any of your manual checking process. 

This cutting-edge technology acts as a sentinel, tirelessly scrutinising your data, uncovering errors in allergen declarations in real time, and promptly alerting your team for correction. 

Our innovative system has consistently outperformed traditional industry allergen Quality Assurance methods.

Proactive Allergen Safety​

Businesses that embrace LiberEat’s Allergen Error Detection Technology demonstrate their unwavering due diligence, adopting proactive food safety measures to safeguard consumers.

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