Working with Contract Caterers

LiberEat works with Contract Caterers to make food safe and easy for everyone

In 50% of UK households, someone is avoiding certain foods or ingredients

This includes those living a vegan and vegetarian lifestyle, those dealing with food allergens and intolerances and those making healthy dietary choices

Eating out at events can be challenging for consumers with special dietary requirements.

Catering businesses embrace technology that functions as an allergen safety blanket and the second line of defence for allergy communications.

Caterers want to take great care of their guests and delight them by understanding the varying and changing customer requirements, being conscious of trends, nutritional needs, and the environmental impact of catering choices.

Caterers can serve more customers living with dietary requirements, serving them more efficiently and safely with LiberEat’s technology.

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Life with dietary requirements is tricky

  • 50% of UK households contain someone who avoids an ingredient
  • 33% of people with allergies report a reaction when eating out
  • 68% said that staff in establishments stated incorrect information

LiberEat works with Contract Caterers to help them:

Help guests avoid food allergens like gluten, dairy, and nuts

Attract more contracts and protect their customer base (and guests) with this allergen safety blanket technology

Support people avoiding meat and animal products

Protect guests who eat in their events and functions from the ingredients they avoid


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How LiberEat technology works

Our technology significantly outperforms current methods of ensuring accurate allergen data in menus, food labels, and food supplier data.

We materially reduce the risks of causing injury to consumers for major brands by capturing errors that their existing processes may miss.

It's our mission to make food safe for everyone and we aim to be the ultimate standard in food safety for food businesses globally.