Sticky Almond and Lemon Cake

This ground almond sponge is flavoured with lemon and a sticky sweet icing. Easy to make but great with afternoon tea. This bake uses naturally gluten free flours such as ground almonds and gram flour, made with chickpeas. Very moreish and easy to bung together 2 Lemons  180g Caster sugar  180g unsalted butter 3 eggs Read more about Sticky Almond and Lemon Cake[…]

Top Swaps for Gluten Free Food

Simple swaps for gluten free staples from Kirsty, our content manager who last year was diagnosed with coeliac disease. If you’ve been missing some of your old store cupboard essentials, try this handy list of swaps to help you mix up your menu without breaking the bank.  Tortilla wraps – taco shells Tortilla wraps are Read more about Top Swaps for Gluten Free Food[…]

managing student budget with allergies

Gluten-Free on a Budget: 5 Top tips for following a gluten free diet without breaking the bank.

As a student with coeliac disease our content manager Kirsty has been working hard to balance her student budget with her dietary needs. Here are Kirsty’s top tips she learnt from going gluten-free while living on a student budget: 1. Bulk Buy your faves like gluten free is going out of fashion:  If you pop into Read more about Gluten-Free on a Budget: 5 Top tips for following a gluten free diet without breaking the bank.[…]

vegan and allergy friendly bbq

Best Vegan & Allergy Friendly BBQ Ideas

A BBQ is the perfect way to celebrate summer with friends and family!  But how do you satisfy the vegan while keeping the food safe for the food allergy sufferer? The best way to avoid cross contamination while if someone in the family has an allergy would be to make sure everything that is being Read more about Best Vegan & Allergy Friendly BBQ Ideas[…]

chickpea curry

Vegan Chickpea Curry – Chole

Chickpea curry or chole, is a healthy wholesome meal that is both vegan and gluten free to fulfil your Indian curry cravings. A common meal in the northern parts of India, this curry will warm your hearts in these gloomy times and can be best enjoyed with steamed rice and the company of your friends and family. Preparation Time: 20 min Cooking Time: Read more about Vegan Chickpea Curry – Chole[…]