vegan and allergy friendly bbq

Best Vegan & Allergy Friendly BBQ Ideas

A BBQ is the perfect way to celebrate summer with friends and family!  But how do you satisfy the vegan while keeping the food safe for the food allergy sufferer? The best way to avoid cross contamination while if someone in the family has an allergy would be to make sure everything that is being Read more about Best Vegan & Allergy Friendly BBQ Ideas[…]

International Student with Food Allergies

Managing Allergies as an International Student

Malavika is an International Student from India studying her Master’s Degree in the UK. This is challenging enough, but figuring out what is safe to eat in another country and a different language is a whole other level. With allergies to peanuts, mustard, citric fruit and shellfish, Malavika shares her story with us: 1. How Read more about Managing Allergies as an International Student[…]


7 Sustainability Hacks for Food Allergy Sufferers

As our awareness of sustainability increases, our desire to become more environmentally friendly grows. If you have a food allergy, sometimes this can feel like a greater challenge due to the extra packaging that everything seems to come in and the need to prevent cross contamination. Managing your food allergies is tricky enough, without having Read more about 7 Sustainability Hacks for Food Allergy Sufferers[…]

chickpea curry

Vegan Chickpea Curry – Chole

chole, a Chickpea Curry , is a healthy wholesome meal that is both vegan and gluten free to fulfil your Indian curry cravings. A common meal in the northern parts of India, this curry will warm your hearts in these gloomy times and can be best enjoyed with steamed rice and the company of your friends and family. Ingredients for Chole: Sunflower Oil, 5 Read more about Vegan Chickpea Curry – Chole[…]

Vegan Indian styled Kidney Bean Curry

Vegan Kidney Bean Curry – Rajma

This Indian pulse curry is mild in spices, has a buttery taste and is a vegan and allergy friendly alternative to fill your Indian curry cravings. Rajma and steamed rice make for a winning combination and is considered as soul food by many (I am one of those!). The warmth of the dish will lift Read more about Vegan Kidney Bean Curry – Rajma[…]

chocolate heart

Free From Chocolate for Valentine’s Day

Roses are red and violets are blue, here’s a list of vegan, dairy, egg and gluten free chocolates we’ve made just for you. Ombar 72% Dark Chocolate Bar 35g (This Product May Contain Nuts) If you really want to push the boat out and get something very lux that they will love then try this Read more about Free From Chocolate for Valentine’s Day[…]

Banana smoothie Recipe

In the mood for a quick breakfast fix? Something that’s healthy, easy to make, filling and yet tasty! Thats a tall oder to ask but our recipe for a high protein Banana Smoothie will tick all those boxes. This delicious and refreshing drink is sure to get your day off to the best start. Most importantly, Read more about Banana smoothie Recipe[…]

Garlic and Chili Kale Crisps-Gluten free Recipe

Kale crisps are simple to make and perfect for snacking especially for those wanting a gluten free crisps alternative! This recipe has a delicious garlic flavour and a sweet chilli kick to it. Kale is also a known super food and packs in a lot of the vital nutrients and minerals. It is said to help Read more about Garlic and Chili Kale Crisps-Gluten free Recipe[…]