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Lactose Allergy and Intolerance | One of the 14 Major Food Allergens

In the UK, around one in ten people are lactose intolerant and over 1 million people have a dairy allergy. According to, most children grow out of a cow’s milk allergy by the age of five. Although uncommon, it is possible to develop a milk allergy at any age.   What is a Dairy Allergy? …

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Katie, who runs the @the_freefrom_mummies Instagram blog shares the story of her family’s allergy journey and gives an insight in to how they live with allergies

Hannah from @letstalkfoodallergies folding two epipens

Interview with Hannah @letstalkfoodallergies

Hannah from @letstalkfoodallergies tells Team LiberEat about living with nut and other food allergies​ Today we hear from one of our amazing LiberEat Creators. Our Creator Community contributes hints, tips and recipes for those who also avoid certain ingredients, whether that is due to allergies, intolerances or lifestyle choices. We are so grateful to have …

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Gluten-free gift guide

we have compiled some go to gluten free gifts either for a simple thank you or a big occasion which you can share to show your love

vegan acai macarons on a wooden surface

Vegan Macarons Recipe

Macarons – the pretty little almond meringues immediately make me think of France. Because that’s where I tasted these delicacies for the very first time: in Lyon on the banks of the Rhône – what a dream. But enough reminiscing.

Picnic Spread with Vegetables, Crackers, Dips and Fruit on Grey and White Blanket.

Vegan Picnic Ideas

A picnic is a perfect way to reunite with friends and family post-lockdown whilst socially distancing and enjoying the gorgeous weather. This guide covers the essentials for the ultimate vegan picnic.

Vegan and Free From Easter Eggs

Top 9 Vegan and Free From Easter Eggs

Vegan and Free-From Easter Eggs… In previous years, if you were looking for a vegan or free-from Easter Egg your choices were pretty slim. With growing interest in veganism and alternative ingredients however, there’s now an ever-increasing range to choose from! Whether you’re looking for a kid-friendly Easter egg, white chocolate, chocolate orange, or a …

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