Chocolate Orange Cake

Gluten-Free and Vegan Chocolate Orange Cake Recipe

How to make a rich and citrusy chocolate orange cake that is gluten-free and vegan! If you are making a birthday or Christmas cake for someone special in your life that has specific dietary requirements or you, yourself are vegan and gluten-free you’ll have a lot of fun making this sumptuous cake! Does it even Read more about Gluten-Free and Vegan Chocolate Orange Cake Recipe[…]

Vegan banana pancakes

Easy and Fluffy Vegan Banana Pancakes

Boost your morning and impress your family or friends by making this perfect batch of pancakes. Set your day off right!

And please do not think that pancakes are just for breakfast, in my eyes (and should be everyone else’s too) they can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Even as an afternoon treat or as dessert.

Gluten-Free Angel Slices Cake Recipe – Great for Afternoon Tea

Tasty pink Angel Slices with chunks of glace cherry As a kid I loved to bake gluten-fee angel slices because they are more than just tasty cake slices, but tasty PINK cake slices. It is an important distinction…. Anyway, to make this recipe a little more special, I added another childhood favourite ingredient: Glace Cherries. Read more about Gluten-Free Angel Slices Cake Recipe – Great for Afternoon Tea[…]

chickpea curry

Vegan Chickpea Curry – Chole

chole, a Chickpea Curry , is a healthy wholesome meal that is both vegan and gluten free to fulfil your Indian curry cravings. A common meal in the northern parts of India, this curry will warm your hearts in these gloomy times and can be best enjoyed with steamed rice and the company of your friends and family. Ingredients for Chole: Sunflower Oil, 5 Read more about Vegan Chickpea Curry – Chole[…]

how to choose plant-based milk

How to choose the right plant-based milk for you

Whether you avoid milk because of an allergy, lead a vegan lifestyle, are concerned about the environment or you prefer the taste, more people are opting for swapping to plant-based milk alternatives. Today we are spoiled for choice when it comes to plant-based milk, with increasing varieties showing up on our supermarket shelves and on Read more about How to choose the right plant-based milk for you[…]

Vegan Indian styled Kidney Bean Curry

Vegan Kidney Bean Curry – Rajma

This Indian pulse curry is mild in spices, has a buttery taste and is a vegan and allergy friendly alternative to fill your Indian curry cravings. Rajma and steamed rice make for a winning combination and is considered as soul food by many (I am one of those!). The warmth of the dish will lift Read more about Vegan Kidney Bean Curry – Rajma[…]