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The Best Supermarket Vegan Pizzas in 2022: Aldi, M&S, Tesco

Vegan Supermarket Pizzas UK

If you fancy a quick weekend dinner without the hassle of cooking, prepping or buying lots of ingredients, pizza comes to the rescue! Vegan pizza is always my go-to when I’m in a lazy, effortless weekend mood.

Surprisingly, some of the best vegan pizzas you’ll find in a supermarket near you. Most costing less than £2, making pizza economical too!

It doesn’t need to be difficult to have pizza night but it can be complicated to find pizza options that are dairy-free, meat-free and egg-free. Whilst also tasting really good.

pizza options

Our below options are entirely plant-based and can be found in your local supermarket’s freezer aisle. 

If you are looking for punchy, aromatic, crowd-pleasing plant-tastic pizzas. LiberEat will give you the low down with everything you need to know from Mushroom pizzas to vegan ‘chicken’ piece pizzas. There’s something for all the family, or everyone in your friend group or household!

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Dairy-Free Freezer Pizza

You can find vegan pizzas in most of your favourite supermarkets. LiberEat suggests our favourite plant-based pizzas from Tesco, Aldi, Asda, Sainsbury’s, Lidl, M&S and Morrisons. 

Let us know which one you love the most!

You can search for more vegan pizza options on the LiberEat app, using the product search function or the barcode scanner in the supermarket to guarantee the product is 100% vegan. 

Vegan Pizza Supermarket Options UK

Tesco Vegan Pizza

vegan tesco pizza

Tesco’s Plant Chef Mushroom Pizza is the perfect pizza for vegan mushroom lovers. It has a thin base, is super crispy and deliciously flavourful. It is a 100% plant-based. A stonebaked pizza base topped with tomato sauce, coconut oil alternative to mozzarella cheese, garlic, spinach, garlic mushrooms, black pepper, oregano and parsley.

100% plant-based and 100% delicious!

Price: £2.50

Vegan Aldi Pizza

Aldi has to be a vegan pizza lover’s favourite shop. They have so many different and delicious types and flavours of pizza to choose from.

The Vegan Arrabbiata Pizza is definitely one of my personal favourites. It contains vegan-style chicken with grilled peppers and a tomato sauce, finished with vegan cheddar-style cheese. How yummy!

aldi vegan pizza

Their other flavour types include: 

  • BBQ Bacon Style Pieces & Mushroom Pizza
  • Plant Menu Stonebaked Spicy Cauliflower Pizza
  • BBQ Jackfruit Pizza

Price: £1.69

Asda Meat-Free Pizza

asda vegan pizza

Asda’s Roasted Veg and Houmous Pizza is bursting with flavours and definitely not shy of toppings. Topping include marinated peppers, spinach, red onions and vibrant semi-dried tomatoes layered onto a stone baked vegan base.

It is approved by our friends over at The Vegan Society Trademark.

Price: £1.75

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Sainsbury's Free From Pizza

Sainsbury's pizza vegan

This is Sainsbury’s spin on a classic Margherita pizza but those clever pizza chefs have made this gluten-free and vegan. Their gluten-free stonebaked pizza base is topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella-style coconut-based alternative vegan cheese, chopped marinated semi-dried tomatoes and dried basil. 

The ultimate free-from gluten and dairy-free Margherita pizza. 

Price: £3.50

Lidl Vegan Vemondo Pizza

Lidl have a variety of Vemondo brand vegan pizzas in-store (January 2022) including:

  • Vegan Salami 
  • Tomato, Kale and Basil Puree 
  • Chargrilled Yellow Peppers, Garlic Mushrooms and Spinach

Price: £1.69

M&S Vegan Plant Kitchen Pizza

Vegan Pizza M&S

Marks and Spencer’s Plant Kitchen 3 Cheese Stonebaked Pizza is topped with a tomato sauce with a blend of coconut oil-based, vegan mature cheese and not’zarella (the vegan take on mozzerella). 

This is one of the best vegan pizzas out there, with a crispy but not too crispy base, dairy-free cheese that does not turn to oil (as some can do). Plus tastes good. 

The only problem is, it is like gold dust, it sells out as fast as you can eat it. 

Price: £4.20

Please let us know on our social channels what is your favourite vegan pizza? and where you buy it from?

The LiberEat community would love to know the best vegan pizzas on the market. 

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