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The Rise of Dark Kitchens

The last decade has seen some significant changes in how takeaways are delivered with the rise of services like Deliveroo, JustEat, and Uber Eats, and the COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns saw this aspect of the food industry gain exponential growth. Figures from Deloitte from August 2021 state that nearly a quarter of people are spending more …

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Eggs, one of the 14 Major Food Allergens

A Brief History of Combating the 14 Major Allergens

Allergies are the cause of some of the most common chronic health conditions globally. Even if you don’t have any now, you could develop food allergies, allergic reactions or intolerances later in life. It’s believed that more than a quarter of people in the UK will have allergies at some point in their lives, from …

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Consequences of Businesses not following Allergen Rules

Six consequences of not following allergen rules The need to follow allergen rules is crucial. As some people are aware allergens can cause allergic reactions from a mild rash to severe injury and even loss of life. Food producers, manufacturers, restaurants, caterers, and food and beverage brands need to ensure that they provide allergen information …

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Katie, who runs the @the_freefrom_mummies Instagram blog shares the story of her family’s allergy journey and gives an insight in to how they live with allergies

Hannah from @letstalkfoodallergies folding two epipens

Interview with Hannah @letstalkfoodallergies

Hannah from @letstalkfoodallergies tells Team LiberEat about living with nut and other food allergies​ Today we hear from one of our amazing LiberEat Creators. Our Creator Community contributes hints, tips and recipes for those who also avoid certain ingredients, whether that is due to allergies, intolerances or lifestyle choices. We are so grateful to have …

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