Real Life

Aggy’s Vegetarian Story

Aggy is the assistant manager of a phone shop and has been vegetarian for a few years now. She moved to Fraserburgh, Scotland, from Lithuania when she was 14 and tells us about her life as a vegetarian.  I always wanted to be vegetarian when I was younger, I loved animals, but as I grew

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Proud To Be A Vegan!

1. Do you have any dietary requirements? If you do, what are they and why do you have them?   I am a vegan so my diet does not include any animal products such meat, dairy, eggs, honey, or any other animal derived ingredients, as far as is possible in my daily life. I adhere

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Mine’s a Tap Water Please!

I’m not a massive drinker…no honestly! I like a nice glass of red, a G&T in the summer, or a glass of bubbly. That’s not to say that those three haven’t got me into trouble in past! Alcohol can disrupt hormone function and can wreak havoc with blood sugar levels. All-in-all, for someone like me

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