Beetroot and Feta Rice Salad recipe

A summer salad that makes a great packed lunch or side with a main meal.
*Does not Contain nuts * Contains dairy
This recipe is perfect for bringing in a lunch box to school, work, or on the go. Filled with excellent sources of healthy, slow-releasing energy sources, it is perfect for a post-workout meal, or lighter lunch.
Serves 8
– 5 chopped spring onions – 7 small sweet bite peppers – 200g feta – half a cucumber, chopped – 2 tablespoons of olive oil – pinch of salt – 2 big cups of white rice – 3 small packaged cooked beetroots, chopped – 2 fresh chilis finely chopped.
1. Boil a large volume of water in a large saucepan, until cooked. 2. While cooking, the vegetables can be prepared and chopped. 3. When the rice is ready, drain the water and transfer into a large mixing bowl. Add the vegetables and crumble the feta into the salad, mixing well. 4. add salt to season and serve alongside a leafy salad.
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