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The Best Nut-Free Easter Eggs 2022

Easter is up and coming, and we all know what that means chocolate, chocolate, and I will let you have one guess… chocolate! Of course, there are other means of celebrating Easter, but for many people out there, mostly the chocolate and sweet tooth lovers. Easter consists of chocolate treats, eggs, and bunnies. 

The chocolate egg represents Jesus’s emergence from the tomb and his resurrection hence our celebration of Easter surrounded by egg-shaped chocolate.

Nut-Free Easter Eggs UK

Children are fond lovers of the Easter holidays too, probably because they know they are in for a sweet treat but also the excitement of searching for eggs around the garden or house, painting, and rolling eggs. It is always a fun tradition! 

No kid or adult should miss out on the fun and enjoyment of chocolate eggs on Easter. And LiberEat knows how difficult it is to find nut-free chocolates let alone nut-free chocolate easter chocolates or eggs that you can find in a supermarket near you. So we are here to help you this easter!

The Best Nut-Free Easter Treats

Kinnerton Easter Eggs

Kinnerton always has a wide range of amazing child-themed nut-free easter eggs from Paw Patrol, Peppa Pig, Barbie, Minions, and lots more. They even have a Crayola easter egg that kids (or big kids) can decorate with three different icing colours to make it look even more fantastic. 

Kinnerton is the perfect brand for parents worried about ingredients and wants to ensure the chocolate they choose is safe and tasty!

You can buy from Asda, Sainsbury’s, Tesco.

kinnerton easter eggs
Price: £3-5

NOMO - Creamy Choc Easter Egg & Bar

NOMO are the new, free-from chocolate on the block, and here at LiberEat, we can not stop talking about it! Here we are in yet another blog post talking about NOMO chocolate. It’s so seriously tasty and creamy that you will not believe it is vegan, gluten-free, and nut-free! 

You can get cracking into your NOMO egg from Sainsbury’s.

NOMO Easter egg nut free
Price: £6

Kinder Easter Rabbit with Surprise

Kinder always delivers a fantastic range of Easter treats, from bunnies to little kinder surprise eggs. Best of all, you get a little treat within the egg too, not just the chocolate but a little toy. Kids are guaranteed to love and devour this kinder chocolate – we all know and love it for its creamy texture and delicious taste.

nut free
Price: £2.50

Maltesers Chocolate Easter Bunny

Maltesers have the best nut-free Easter treat, shaped like a chocolate bunny. It is filled with a malt filling and honeycomb pieces, covered in milk chocolate. Basically, a giant Malteser shaped like a little rabbit. Kids will love it, what’s not to love? It is so tasty that anyone will enjoy it especially if you have a sweet tooth.

easter bunny
Price: £0.50

Galaxy Golden Eggs

These little golden eggs have a hold on me. They are just so good, and the bag is just so small (well, that’s my excuse anyway for finishing the bag). Once you have one finger in the packet, there is no turning back. 

These are basically smooth Galaxy chocolate with crunchy caramel pieces, rolled in gold.

Ideal for Easter egg hunts.

Price: £1.00

Cocoa Libre Orange Chocolate Easter Egg

Handcrafted using the finest, top-quality natural ingredients. This Easter, enjoy Cocoa Libre’s allergy-friendly chocolate orange egg. Bigger size – more chocolate! Their brand is vegan, free from dairy, gluten, wheat, nuts, and peanuts. Everyone can and will enjoy it, whether it’s a gift or you want to keep it all to yourself. It is sure to be enjoyed.

Find them here.

Nut free easter
Price: £6.00

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