Gluten Free Chocolate Porridge Recipe

Porridge has been a morning staple for generations, but recently the food trends have led us foodies experimenting different ways to shake up this classic. Give this recipe a go and don’t forget to tag us in your pictures on our social media!

– 1/4 apple
– 3/4 cup Quaker gluten free oats
– 1 cup cashew milk
– 1/4 apple juice (not from concentrate)
– 2 tbps unsweetened desiccated coconut
– 1 tbps cocoa powder
– 1 tbps honey
– Sweet Freedom liquid chocolate (or dairy free alternative)
– 1 tablespoon peanut butter (optional)
1. Heat up a saucepan on a medium heat and add all of the ingredients except the apple and liquid chocolate.
2. Stir gently until the oats are light and fluffy and the porridge is hot enough to serve.
3. Spoon into a bowl and add a few slices of fresh apple on top. Then, lightly drizzle the liquid chocolate on top and spoon the peanut butter in the centre so that it melts.
4. Enjoy!

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