Going Vegan – My Experience

Going Vegan as a lifestyle

Hi, I’m Linn and I went vegan in November 2013 because I felt it was healthier, more environmentally friendly, and ethically I thought it was the right thing to do. The daily struggles of shopping and eating out have become the norm to me. I don’t mind it too much as I believe in what I’m doing but it does require me having to plan my meals more than other people. For example, I can’t just grab a sandwich from the library café at my university as the bread contains lactose, but it has become easier nowadays to find plant-based foods as the number of vegans and health conscious people increase daily, and supermarkets and restaurants are starting to realise they need to cater us or lose business.

Since changing my diet I have learnt a lot from reading the labels of what foods actually contain. New products in the “free from” aisle in the big supermarkets is a common sight, and clear marking (that is, writing ‘suitable for vegans’ on the packaging) has become better the past year or so. There is a lot of fear and uncertainty connected to the effort of finding new foods to eat, humans really are creatures of habit. I don’t feel that I struggle nutritionally as a vegan, but it can be a challenging to find the right food to buy, or the right place to eat out.

At the moment, I pack a lot of lunches because I don’t know if I will find somewhere to eat, it would be nice to have something to hand that would save me this time and hassle. 

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