Give Me Milk!

My friend asked me if I had any special dietary requirements and if that make my life more difficult. I do but I had never thought about it before, perhaps because it has become habit, or maybe because I have no other choice. Now that I am starting to think about it, it does make my life more difficult, and more expensive too! A few months ago, my doctor told me that I cannot have products containing lactose. I love milk and didn’t want to give it up, but you got to do what you got to do, right?!
I started looking for milk alternatives. I tried soya and almond milk, the trendy ones, and it turns out I will not follow those trends. I just did not like the taste of either of them. I was craving so much for a glass of proper milk, but I kept saying to myself – no, there must be something that I like that doesn’t contain lactose! I came across Arla, Lactofree milk. I bought it. I tried it. I loved it! And most importantly I still do. I realised that the hard part of intolerances is not using something, it is finding it in the first place! I searched a good number of different grocery shops and only two of them had dairy free milk. Don’t event get me started on semi- skimmed dairy free milk!
The other problem is, before my doctor told me that I couldn’t have lactose products, I would spend £1 on a 2l bottle milk, and now my lactose free milk costs me £1.38 for a 1littre bottle. Being lactose intolerant means I have no choice but to spend more to be able to have what I need. It is not my fault my body developed this intolerance, and I wish supermarkets and manufactures could understand this. Just because have an intolerances doesn’t mean I’ve suddenly got more money to spend.
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